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“We are very happy to currently have 13 pets under the care of Dr. Logan and his wonderful staff. They’ve performed everything from the most mundane nail clipping to saving a very shattered leg. The feeling of being able to call whenever one of our precious creatures needs care and knowing they’re just as interested in their welfare as we are is a great comfort. You never feel rushed and have all your questions answered as well as can be done.”

Mary Anne A.

“Dr. Logan and the well pet group helped us with four (about to be five) dogs now, some of them with serious health problems. All of the people involved in the practice have always been helpful, knowledgeable, compassionate and kind. I cannot recommend them enough.”

Margo S.

“I took my 3 pound teacup poodle to several vets. No one could diagnose the problem. After trying everything the vet called me on a Saturday morning with one more thing we could try. She was dying and wouldn’t last 24 hours. He gave her an injection and she improved and could hold her head up the next day. I took her daily to the office. She has Addison’s disease. She is alive after 2 years and going strong thanks to Dr. Logan!”

Vicki B. 

“My Dachshund SweetPea had been rushed to an emergency after hours vet over an hour away earlier in the week before Christmas 2016. She was diagnosed with a pyometra infection and was taken into emergency surgery immediately. SweetPea was not doing well, and by the very end of the week, the day before Christmas Eve, I was just giving up hope. I needed help from someone, my regular vet was out of town, and everyone I called turned me away. I was very much sleep deprived and felt helpless, I suddenly remembered about 4 years earlier a vet in Lexington VA that had helped my daughter’s dog in an emergency situation. It was a shot in the dark, but I looked up the group and called. There was no answer at first, but within 10 minutes I got a call back, it was Dr. Logan apologizing for missing my call. This man did not know me from Adam, nor did he owe me anything as they are not an emergency service or my regular vet. Dr. Logan took the time to walk me through everything I needed to do as I was sobbing in tears. His words before he hung the phone up were, “we will get her through this, I promise!” He called and checked on her everyday through the Christmas holidays. I owe so much to this man, if it weren’t for him taking the time to talk to me, I wouldn’t have SweetPea to this day!”


“Dr. Logan performed leg surgery on my Yorkie and I am very pleased with the results as well as the care and follow up services provided by the staff at Well Pet Group in Lexington. I highly recommend the clinic for preventative care as well as complicated surgery for your furry babes.”

Susan M.

“I love everything about the Well Pet Group. They are knowledgeable, caring, and won’t break the bank.”

Felicia M.
Cat with black and white fur