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Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day: Everything Fluffy Wants To Know

January 15, 2024

Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day is January 22nd! Fluffy is known for being very curious and inquisitive, which is one of the reasons she makes such a great pet.  If Fluffy were actually able to voice her most pressing queries, what do you think she’d really want to know about? In this article by a Rockbridge, VA veterinarian, we explore some ‘pawsible’ options.

Do I Even Have A Chance Of Catching That Dot?

That mysterious red dot has been aggravating Fluffy for decades. Using a laser pointer is a great way to keep your cat entertained. While your cat may never catch her elusive prey, she will at least have fun trying. Plus, the exercise and stimulation will be good for her. Just don’t shine a light in her eyes.

Why Don’t You Sleep More?

Cats can sleep as much as 20 hours a day, though they usually settle for 14 to 16 hours. The 6 to 8 hours most people get just isn’t sufficient for your drowsy little pet.

I’m Late For Breakfast! What Are You Doing?

You know that old adage about how breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Well, we have a sneaking suspicion that this is one of Fluffy’s golden rules. If you have the gall to sleep in the past your pet’s usual morning mealtime, your furry pal may very well wake you up–perhaps by smacking you with her paw.

Are You In Need Of My Assistance?

Our feline pals definitely have a way of wrapping us around their little paws … and getting us to pamper them. Fluffy spends most of her time just relaxing, judging you, and being adorable. What a life! We provide food, care, lap space, catnip, toys, beds, and boxes. However, your pet is grateful for the love and care you offer, even if she has an odd way of showing it. Your kitty may also try to reciprocate by helping you with things like packing suitcases, wrapping presents, or changing sheets. If you get up, Fluffy may also thoughtfully jump into your chair to keep it warm.

Why Did You Pet Another Kitty?

While Fluffy’s adorable little nose isn’t quite as sensitive as Fido’s, it’s still quite astute. If you interact with another cat —or even worse, a dog—your furball may very well pick up the scent. You may catch some cattitude for that transgression! 

How Can I Find My Life’s Purrpose?

We’re not sure if our feline friends have existential crises or seriously wonder about life’s true meaning. However, it’s safe to assume that many do occasionally contemplate serious topics, such as karma, fate, and mice. Then again, Fluffy may also be thinking about wormholes and teleportation. You just never know with these little furballs.

Why Haven’t You Fed Me Yet?

Pets take their meal schedules very seriously. If you’re late with your kitty’s first, second, or third breakfast, she may very well meow her displeasure. 

(Note: Our feline buddies are very good at cajoling their humans into overfeeding them. This is why so many furballs are becoming butterballs! Ask your veterinarian for nutritional advice.)

Where Did My Humans Go?

Does your kitty like to keep a very close eye on you? Research shows that our feline friends constantly track their human companions’ movements. In fact, they use a visual mental ‘map’ of their domains to monitor your movements and whereabouts. (Think of a GPS map, with you as the moving icon.) Your cute pet may become confused or even distressed if she can’t locate you.

Why Can’t I Ever Go Outside?

Your cute little pet may really enjoy fun outdoor activities like ignoring your calls and bringing you dead mice. However, we always recommend keeping cats indoors. It’s much safer for them! There are just too many threats out there for a little ball of fur. Cars, weather, wildlife, chemical exposure, parasites, unsafe plants … the list goes on. (Of course, Fluffy probably will just yawn and lick her paw if you try to explain that to her.)

Why Do You Keep Laughing At Me? What’s So Funny?

Cats are quite the little comedians. Fluffy’s funny quirks and antics never stop making us laugh. You may find yourself giggling when your pet does that hilarious pre-pounce butt wiggle. (Fluffy, however, takes hunting that bottlecap very seriously.)

Why Do I Have To Go To See My Rockbridge, VA Veterinarian?

Our feline buddies are much healthier with regular veterinary care. However, they definitely are not fans of car rides. In fact, many of our feline patients are more distressed over the trip to the office than they are at their actual appointments. (Sorry, Fluffy: it’s for your own good!)

What’s Wrong With The Dog?

Cats and dogs have had their ups and downs, but they can cohabitate peacefully, and sometimes even forge very strong bonds. However, that doesn’t mean Fluffy isn’t giving her canine roommate the side eye. Fido doesn’t use litterboxes, hates baths, and actually does what he’s told. None of that makes any sense to your little furball! 

What Are You Doing In There?

Cats like to supervise their humans quite closely. It’s not uncommon for Fluffy to keep an eye on you while you read, cook, do laundry, or fix things. She even follows her humans into the bathroom!

What’s In There?

Our feline friends like to keep abreast of everything that is going on in their kingdoms. Your inquisitive little pet will also immediately poke her cute little nose into anything new. For instance, if you open a closet or cupboard that is usually shut, don’t be surprised if Fluffy immediately hops in to investigate.

Where Did All My Toys Go?

Have you ever found a pile of cat toys under your chairs, beds, or sofa? Your furry friend may very well have smacked a small mountain of toys out of reach.

Where Does My Sunbeam Go?

Fluffy isn’t cold-blooded, and she doesn’t actually run on solar power, but she apparently missed those memos. Our feline buddies love recharging their ‘catteries’ in sunny spots. Your pet may want to know why her favorite sunbeam isn’t available 24/7.

Why Did You Interrupt My Nap?

Our feline friends can spend up to 20 hours a day snoozing. They’re also very opportunistic nappers. Fluffy will fall asleep pretty much anywhere. At some point, you’ll move your furry friend off of something that isn’t supposed to be a cat bed. This could be your laptop, a casserole dish, your sock drawer, or, well, just about anything!

Why Won’t You Play With Me?

It’s always fun and cute seeing a frisky kitty hard at play. However, many furballs have a penchant for batting their toys around in the middle of the night, when their humans are sleeping … or trying to.

Why Don’t You Use Wormholes?

Our feline pals certainly are full of mysteries. It wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibilities for Fluffy to have already mastered things like string theory and time travel. You just never know with cats.

That may cover Fluffy’s questions, but what about yours? Please reach out to us with any queries or concerns about your cat’s health or care. As your local Rockbridge, VA pet hospital, we are here for you!

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