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Keeping Kitty Fit

August 3, 2023

Did you know that over half of our feline friends are obese or overweight? This isn’t exactly a shock: after all, Fluffy’s favorite activities are eating and sleeping. However, it’s important for cats to stay strong and active. Here, a local Lexington, VA vet offers some advice on keeping your cute pet fit.


Pouncing, climbing, running, and jumping are Fluffy’s favorite forms of exercise. Kittens are naturally quite zoomy and playful. However, older cats may need a bit of prodding, as they’re more inclined to catching Z’s than catching mice. Get into the habit of playing with your cat every day. Your furry buddy should also have lots of toys she can use by herself, such as catnip mice. Smart toys can also be a great option. For instance, you can now get motorized mice that react to your cat’s motions, or automated toys that can run on timers.


Fluffy should have a few pieces of pet furniture. Cat towers are great, as they encourage cats to jump and climb. You can also get your feline pal a kitty wheel. Some cats will be more inclined to nap on them than run on them, but that’s just purr for the course!


Consider installing cat shelves or catwalks. You can find plenty of cute wall-mounted pieces made just for kitties to climb and play on. Choose things that are big and sturdy, so Fluffy won’t slip and fall off.


If your furball has never been outside, and/or is just naturally timid, then it’s probably best to stick with the other options. However, if Fluffy is bold and energetic, she may enjoy going for strolls. Just give her time to get used to her leash first. Start by having her wear it at home, while you’re there to supervise. Ask your vet for tips.


It’s important to think long and hard before adopting any cat. After all, adoption is forever! However, if you have a kitten, little Fluffy may really appreciate having a playmate. Full-grown cats can also have fun with buddies. You’ll need to consider both kitties’ purrsonalities and histories before proceeding. If your feline buddy is a senior, consider getting two kittens: they’ll (hopefully) play together and let your retiree nap peacefully. 

Do you have questions about your kitty’s health or care? Please contact us, your Lexington, VA pet hospital, today.

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