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Posted By :    Chrystal H Knick  (
Posted :    6/26/2016
Comments :    As a very active animal owner and lover I am very excited and pleased to have found Dr Logan and his group. I was very reluctant to switch my pets from my previous veterinarian because I loved the care she provided; however I had moved and the convenience of Dr Logan's location as well as the services and costs that his practice provided was very attractive. With having several pets vet care can be overwhelmingly expensive. I made the switch and I have been more than pleased. Dr Logan has proven to be knowledgeable but most of all compassionate; he truly has a heart of gold toward both patient and owner. You can be as involved in your pets care as you want to be which is very important to me as I like to be involved; I like to be hands on. I love the atmosphere; its not a cold sterile environment; its warm and inviting, making me feel right at home. I have been a regular since becoming a member in November 2015 as I have experienced the loss of 2 of my personal pets as well as 1 foster/rescue and I have never felt as if Dr Logan and staff are "tired of seeing me". I am blessed to have this man in my life and only hope he and his staff realize how much I truly appreciate them because words cannot express how I feel. If you are looking for excellent care for your pets I recommend you visit The WellPet Group; you wont be disappointed!
Posted By :    David McBride  (
Posted :    9/7/2014
Comments :    I have two dogs and am interested in how much your annual fee is. Please feel free to contact me at the website provided.
Posted By :    Ann Sorrells  (
Posted :    1/9/2014
Comments :    We love Dr. Logan and his staff. Our family has been encouraged to call if we have any questions with our new pup. Dixie Belle is in good hands and that makes us have a definate peace of mind. I highly recommend Dr. Logan and The Well Pet Group. We deal with the Lexington office our Rottweiler Dixie has been Dr Logan's patient since she was five weeks old she is now one year old. Finding Dr. Logan again was a Blessing and and the all the benefits are wonderful! Thank you Dr. Logan for coming back in the area.
Posted By :    Bev Jordan  (
Posted :    6/9/2013
Comments :    Have been hoping for a veterinary hospital such as this for years; was very exciting in seeing you in "WORK IT" in Sunday's paper. Will be out to visit quite soon.
Posted By :    Crystal Sorrells  (
Posted :    1/17/2013
Comments :    I am so thrilled with your services. You actually treat each animal like they really matter! Awesome environment and just great overall service! I am so glad we found you and you excepted our Tank!
Posted By :    Diane M. Smith, CVT
Posted :    5/4/2012
Comments :    Hi Dr. Logan, I've visited the entire site. Love it. It's very nicely done: easy to navigate, attractive and very informative. Videos on pilling, etc. will certainly be helpful to clients. The hospital tour is appealing. Link to the VIN is a super idea! The toxic-plants list is great. Want to add something? How about an addendum dealing with other harmful or toxic substances? Most people know about ethylene glycol, but how about these: raisins and grapes; onions and garlic; xylitol; chocolate candy. Gosh, I'm even thinking about some other things: nutrition issues; homemade diets and raw foods, pro and con...okay, I'll shut up now. Best wishes, Diane
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